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Founded in 2022, Covrzy is a pioneering force in revolutionizing how Indian businesses approach commercial insurance. The platform empowers business owners with a digital-first approach, offering a seamless experience to compare and purchase insurance policies quickly. I became a part of Covrzy as a Freelance UI/UX Designer for their web platform. In my role, I played a pivotal part in crafting the user journey, from onboarding to purchase, emphasizing an engaging and efficient experience. This project not only showcases my design prowess but also underscores my commitment to elevating user experiences, contributing to Covrzy's mission of democratizing business insurance distribution India.



From the initial "Get Started" click, I've intricately designed the onboarding flow, company details input, and exploration of diverse insurance products. Users can customize their business insurance package with ease, edit, review, and confirm before effortlessly proceeding to purchase. The final touch is a streamlined insurer details submission, marking the completion of my comprehensive design flow.


UI/UX Designer


Solo Designer with help from developers and founders


September 2023 to current

This Case Study is Private & Confidential.

For detailed insights into this work and to discuss potential collaborations or inquiries, please feel free to get in touch with me directly. I look forward to sharing more about my ongoing endeavors and exploring opportunities to collaborate.

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