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RingChain - Bicycle Lock

The goal of this project is to design for a problem based on targets of a company and with a focus on making strategic decisions based on the company requirements. Our design project is to focus on The AXA Bike Security Company and explore a design solution that would fit their and their target user needs and brings out a viable product design based on a valid  challenge that exists in the current bike security landscape.

Project Overview


Come up with a strategy to bring a new product to the market based on the company's portfolio and design the product.


The Ring Chain is a keyless combination of the standard chain and ring lock. The ring lock is attached to the frame which is welded near the rear wheel of the bike. The chain is attached to the ring lock and can be retracted out/back as required using the recoil
mechanism. Users use their fingerprint to unlock the ring lock, detach it from the frame, extend the chain, wrap it around the bike stand, attach the ring lock back to its frame and lock it. This way, both the rear wheel and the bike are locked.


Researcher, UX Designer

October 2021


Anjay Valiyaveedu, Romeo Veldhuis, Fang-Yin Liu, Neha



More details soon.

Check out a few pages of the project report below.

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